Half-Bridge (HB) AC-DC Power Supply Basic Simulation Circuit

This reference design provides OrCAD® based simulation circuit, simulation results and design guide. This is for designing Half-Bridge (HB) topology of AC-DC power supply.

Circuit of Half-Bridge (HB) AC-DC power supply basic simulation circuit.
Waveforms of of Half-Bridge (HB) AC-DC power supply basic simulation circuit.


  • Basic simulation circuit of Half-Bridge AC-DC power supply that can operate on  OrCAD®.
  • Input voltage : AC 380 V
  • Output voltage : DC 24 V
  • Output power : 300 W


  • Bundled simulation circuit and device models.
  • Able to edit power supply specificatoin and devices freely.
  • Able to set power supply specificatoin and ciruit parameters on OrCAD®

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Toshiba items

Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
TK10A60W MOSFET Primary side・2 DTMOSⅣ/600V/380mΩ(Max)@VGS=10V/TO220SIS
TPH2900ENH MOSFET Secondary side
synchronous rectification・6
U-MOSⅧ-H/200V/29mΩ(Max)@VGS=10V/SOP Advance


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