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Programming Language: C Language

C language
C language

C language is a programming language closely related to human language.

In part ①
"If aaa is 6, input 3 to bbb"
In part ②
"For others (aaa is not 6), input 5 to ddd"

The instructions of the program are very close to English words.
Moreover, the C language grammar is basically the same even if the microcontroller type is different, so when writing a program for a different microcontroller, there is no need to learn a new programming language. (*)

For C language, ISO and ANSI jointly standardized the standard.

* Some microcontrollers are exceptions.
ISO:International Organization for Standardization
ANSI:American National Standards Institute

Chapter 3 Hardware and Software of Microcontrollers

The Role of Software
Execution of Software
Programming Language
Programming Language: Machine Language
Programming Language: Assembly Language