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Computex specializes in manufacturing and development of support equipment for debugging microcontroller embedded products.
PALMiCE4 is a high-performance advanced JTAG emulator for Core Sight technology (SWD, SWV).
It is equipped with many useful functions such as a "Real-time monitor function" that enables real-time monitoring of memory contents during program execution, a "Core benchmark function" that visualizes CPU utilization/process occupancy rates, etc.
FP-10 is a stand-alone built-in flash programmer that can be used on production lines and in field maintenance.

Product Introduction

Category Product name MCU

Arm Compiler for Computex

TX00 Series
TX03 Series
TX04 Series

Debugger PALMiCE3
Board/Evaluation kit
MiddleLink, CM-J Series
FLASH programmer/Writer FP-10 TX00 Series
TX03 Series
TX04 Series
TXZ+3A Series:M3H(1) group
TXZ+4A Series:M4N group(scheduled)
Debugger ROMiCE mini

TLCS-900/H1 Series

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