ALL-100A programmer from HI-LO SYSTEMS has 68 sets of Precise Universal Pin Driver to provide high speed, low noise, accurate and reliable programming signals for various IC products including high speed low power devices recently released to market.
ALL-100A can be setup for either single-site programming for engineering or multi-site programming for production. If required, up to 8 sets of ALL-100A can be setup for multi-set operation so up to 64 sites can be programmed simultaneously to maximize production.
Supporting software for Arm Core-based TX03 Series, TLCS-900/H1 Series, TLCS-47E Series and TLCS-870/C1 Series etc. are available now. Device support on web site for check / retrieve through Internet will be updated on weekly basis.

Product Introduction

Category Product name MCU
FLASH programmer/Writer ALL-100AX TX00 Series
TX03 Series
TX19 Series
TLCS-900 Family
TLCS-870 Family
TLCS-47 Family
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