M440 Group Sample Software

This page provides a sample software download service for the M440 group.

Function list

Function list for sample software.

Sample Software/Function Description Product Name
Analog/Digital converter ADC Example of reading ADC data from analog input pins V
Clock/Mode control CG Switching example between NORMAL mode and IDLE/STOP1/STOP2 mode V
Digital/Analog converter DAC Output example of sawtooth waveform from the DA pin V
DMA controller DMAC Example of DMAC settings and data transfer between memory and peripheral devices using the UART V
Enhanced 2-phase pulse input counter EPHC Configuration example for Quadruple Count mode V
Enhanced Serial I/O ESIO Example of transmission for single transfer V
External bus interface EXB Example of read / write of the SRAM that is connected to the external bus V
Flash control FLASH Example of running a program in the internal RAM and performing delete and rewrite of the internal flash memory V
Asynchronous Serial Channel FUART This program sends 64 different data values from TX pin and receives data from RX pin. V
I/O port GPIO Usage example of Port using LEDs and KEYs V
Key Matrix Scan KSCAN The LED0 to LED7 turns  on when KEY0 to KEY7 are pressed one by one. V
Key-on Wake up KWUP Example of enter and release low power mode V
2-phase pulse input counter PHC Configuration example for Quadruple Count mode V
Programmable Servo/
Sequence Controller
PSC The code and data of PSC are transmitted after a reset start using DMAC. The transmitted PSC program is repeatedly executed using TMRB channel. V
Real-time clock RTC Configuration example for date and time V
Serial bus interface SBI Example of transmission / reception in I2C bus mode V
Serial channel SIO/UART Example of UART configuration and transmission V
16-bit timer TMRB Example of timer interrupt that runs every 500 ms
Output example of duty-variable PPG (programmable square wave)
32-bit timer TMRC Example of timer interrupt V
High-resolution 16-bit timer TMRD Example of timer interrupt that runs every 500ms V
Watchdog timer WDT Example of the detection time and the processing after the detection for watchdog timer V


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