TMPM3V6 / M3V4 Group Sample Software

This page provides a sample software download service for the TMPM3V6 / M3V4 group.

Function list

Function list for sample software.

Sample Software/Function Description Product Name





Analog/Digital converter ADC Example of reading ADC data from analog input pins V V
Clock/Mode control CG Switching example between NORMAL mode and STOP mode V V
Digital Noise Filter DNF DNF detects a pulse generated by PPG. If DNF detects a noise pulse, the external interrupt request is not generated. V V
Flash control FLASH Example of running a program in the internal RAM and performing delete and rewrite of the internal flash memory V


Asynchronous Serial Channel FUART This program sends 64 different data values from TX pin and receives data from RX pin. V V
I/O port GPIO Usage example of Port using LEDs and KEYs V V
Oscillation frequency detection OFD Example of generate a reset, when the clock exceeds the OFD detection frequency range V V
Remote control signal preprocessor RMC Example of receiving the signals of remote control and decode V V
Real-time clock RTC Configuration example for date and time V V
Serial bus interface SBI Example of transmission / reception in I2C bus mode V V
Serial channel SIO/UART
Example of UART configuration and transmission V V
Synchronized serial interface SSP Configuration example for SSP and self-loop back V V
16-bit timer TMRB Example of timer interrupt that runs every 1 ms
Output example of duty-variable PPG (programmable square wave)
Voltage Detection Circuit VLTD When the power supply voltage is lower than the detection voltage, the MCU is reset automatically by hardware and Port is set to high level by software. V V
Watchdog timer
WDT Example of the detection time and the processing after the detection for watchdog timer V V


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