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도시바 MOSFET은 고속, 고성능, 낮은 손실, 낮은 온 저항, 소형 패키지 등의 특징을 가지고 저내압 제품에서 중고내압 제품까지의 폭 넓은 구성과 패키지 라인업을 제공하고 있습니다.
도시바는 MOSFET의 개발과 제조를 오랫동안 진행해 왔으며, 현재는 내압 500V~800V를 중심으로 한 중고 내압 제품 "DTMOS"시리즈와 내압 12V에서 250V의 낮은 내압 제품 "U-MOS"시리즈를 전개하고 있습니다.




Applications / Purposes

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Series 20V 60V 600/650V
Package SOT-23F SOT-23F TO-220
TO-220TO-220SIS TO-220SIS
Recommended item SSM3K344R TK3R2E06PL
  • Industry-leading*1 low On-resistance
  • Small SOT-23F package and highly allowable power dissipation rating (2.4×2.9 mm, PD=1.0 W*2)
  • Industry-leading low On-resistance*1: RDS(ON)=3.2 mΩ (max) @VGS=10 V (TK3R2E06PL)
  • Low output charge
  • Supports logic level driving (4.5 V)
  • The EMI is improved by up to 5 dBμV/m*1 compared with existing products.
  • Mobile devices
  • Consumer equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Efficient DC-DC converters
  • Efficient AC-DC converters
  • Power supplies
  • Motor drives
  • Power supplies for industrial and office equipment
  • Adaptors/chargers for laptop PCs and mobile devices
  • PCs
  • Printers
*1: Comparison with the product of the same maximum rating, according to a survey by Toshiba (as of December 2016).
*2: Device mounted on a 25.4×25.4×1.6 mm FR-4 glass epoxy board (Cu pad: 645 mm2)
*1 As of June 2017, from a survey by Toshiba. *1: 240 to 270 MHz by using Toshiba evaluation boards (radiated emission). Toshiba survey.






Name outline Date of issue
Evolution of Devices Supporting Power
Electronics and Expansion of Technologies for
Mounting, Circuits, and Application to Products

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Optimising power deisng through MOSFET efficiency and intergration 8/2017

user registration

Dual side cooling package DSOP Advance: Thermal conductance innovation for power-MOSFET 8/2017

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Describes the features of the DTMOSV series and the improvements from the previous series 9/2017

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Describes the features of the new package and an operation analysis using simulation 9/2017

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Cordless Power Tools: Delivering High Output Power, Extended Operation and Smaller Form Factors 10/2017

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Application note

Application note
Name outline Date of issue
Provides hints and tips based on simulation results to help you reduce the chip temperature of discrete semiconductor devices. 01/2018
The high dv / dt between the drain and the source of the MOSFET can cause problems and explain the cause of this phenomenon and its countermeasures. 12/2017
Describes mechanism of avalanche phenomenon, I will explain durability and countermeasures against it 12/2017
describes how to reduce the chip temperature of discrete semiconductor devices. 12/2017
describes how to calculate the temperature of discrete semiconductor devices. 12/2017
discusses temperature derating of the MOSFET safe operating area. 12/2017
When a rapidly rising voltage is applied between the drain and source of the MOSFET,the MOSFET may malfunction and turn on, and its mechanism and countermeasures will be explained. 12/2017
Describes the guidelines for the design of a gate driver circuit for MOSFET switching applications and presents examples of gate driver circuits 11/2017
Describes current imbalance in parallel MOSFETs and the mechanism of parasitic oscillation 11/2017
Describes the oscillation mechanism of MOSFETs for switching applications 11/2017
Describes thermal equivalent circuits, examples of channel temperature calculation and considerations for heatsink attachment 2/2017
Describes planar, trench and super-junction power MOSFETs 11/2016
Describes the absolute maximum ratings, thermal impedance and safe operating area of power MOSFETs 11/2016
Describes electrical characteristics shown in datasheets 11/2016
Describes how to select power MOSFETs, temperature characteristics, the impacts of wires and parasitic oscillation, avalanche ruggedness, snubber circuits and so on 11/2016


Name outline Date of issue
Describes the lineups of MOSFET 12/2017
Describes the lineups of Small Package(MOSFET/BJT/Diode/Linear IC/Logic/RF Device)
Describes the lineups of power and small-signal MOSFETs by package 3/2016



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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.