Brushless DC motor drive circuit​

Example of a brushless DC motor drive circuit for an ISG

Brushless DC motor drive circuit


U-MOS Series 40 V / 80 V / 100 V N-ch MOSFET

Part number Drain-source voltage [V]

Drain current [A]

On-resistance (Max) [mΩ]
@VGS = 10 V

XPQ1R004PB* 40 200 1.0 L-TOGL
XPQR3004PB 40 400 0.30
XPQR8308QB* 80 350 0.83
XPQ1R00AQB* 100 300 1.03

* Under development (The specification is subject to change without notice.)


Gate driver (for motor)

Part number TPD7213FN* TPD7212F / TPD7212FN
Function Half bridge gate driver Gate driver for Three-phase brushless motor
Number of output 2 outputs 6 outputs
Package SSOP16 (5.5 x 6.4 mm)



  • Suitable for 48 V battery system
  • Can be used to drive a high side N-ch MOSFET
  • For driving high side N-ch MOSFET
    (with built-in charge pumps)
  • Built-in voltage monitoring function (power supply, output)

* : Under development (The specification is subject to change without notice.)

Brushless DC motor pre driver

Part number TB9081FG TB9083FTG
Package LQFP64 VQFN48
Package body size 10.0 x 10.0 mm 7.0 x 7.0 mm
Operating ambient temperature Ta = -40 to 125 °C Ta = -40 to 150 °C
Function Control method



External MOSFET
(High side / Low side)
N-ch / N-ch N-ch / N-ch
Detection of overheating, low voltage and short circuit
Output of detection function diagnosis result ✔ (BIST [Note]) ✔ (BIST)

[Note] Built-in Self Test


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* : L-TOGL is a trademark of Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation.

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