2. Using an op-amp

Figure 2-1 Frequency characteristics of an op-amp
Figure 2-1 Frequency characteristics of an op-amp

An op-amp has a high gain as shown in Figure 2-1. The gain is dependent on frequency. The gain also varies from device to device and is affected by temperature and other environmental conditions. Therefore, op-amps are generally used with negative feedback. Depending on conditions, negative feedback turns into positive feedback, causing the feedback loop to oscillate abnormally.
Section 2 describes feedback oscillation, basic amplifier circuits using an op-amp, a virtual short-circuit required when considering an amplifier circuit.

  1. Feedback (positive and negative feedback)
  2. Open-loop gain and closed-loop gain
  3. Oscillation
  4. Basic amplifier circuits
  5. Virtual short-circuit (virtual ground)

Chapter2 Using an op-amp

2.1. Feedback (positive and negative feedback)
2.2. Open-loop and closed-loop gains (Increasing the bandwidth of an amplifier)
2.3. Oscillation
2.4. Basic op-amp applications
2.5. Virtual short (virtual ground)

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