Features of the TMPM369FDFG and TMPM369FDXBG

Controls various interfaces independently – Contributing to reduction of the CPU workload

Controls various interfaces independently–Contributing to reduction of the CPU workload

The TMPM369 has various external communication interfaces such as USB, USB Embedded Host, CAN, EtherMAC, SIO/UART, I2C/SIO and SSP (SPI mode). Additionally, the TMPM369 contains 2 units of AD converter and a programmable motor driver (PMD). All of them are designed to operate independently, significantly reducing the software workload. The TMPM369 provides Flash ROM of up to 512 KB and SRAM of up to 128 KB to facilitate the use of the various communication interfaces.

High-speed AD conversion – Using 2 units of AD converter

High-speed AD conversion–Using 2 units of AD converter

The TMPM369 contains 2 units of ADC. Their combined use provides high-speed AD conversion. While a single ADC offers a minimum conversion time of 1.0 µs at 80 MHz, applying an analog signal to 2 units of ADC and using them in a time-interleaved manner significantly reduces the conversion time required*.

*0.5 ms minimum

* Arm and Cortex are registered trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the US and/or elsewhere. 


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