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Series regulator (Three-terminal voltage regulator)


Feature High current output
Protection Functions Overcurrent protection / Overheating protection
Polarity Positive
RoHS Compatible Product(s) (#) Available

Package Information

Toshiba Package Name New PW-Mold
Package Image New PW-Mold
Pins 3
Mounting Surface Mount
Package Dimensions View
Land pattern dimensions View

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Absolute Maximum Ratings

Characteristics Symbol Rating Unit
Output Current (Max) IOUT 1000 mA
Power Dissipation PD 10 W
Power Dissipation PD 1 W
Input Voltage VIN 35 V

Electrical Characteristics

Characteristics Symbol Condition Value Unit
Output Voltage Tolerance (ABSMax) accuracy(VOUT) Tj=25℃ +/-4 %
Bias Current (Typ.) IB - 4.2 mA
Dropout Voltage (Typ.) VD IOUT=1A 2 V
Output Voltage (Typ.) VOUT - 5 V

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