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DTMOSⅥ series

Process Technology

By adopting a single epi process, we have optimized the structure and achieved low RDS(ON) x Qgd


Low RDS(ON) x Qgd secures high efficiency switching power supply.


Test Condition

RDS(ON) : ID=28.5A, VGS=10V
Qgd : VDD=400V, ID=57A,VGS=10V
Note: The above graph plots the mean of the measured values. 


Evaluation condition

Evaluation board : PFC-circuit board (2.5 kW MAX)
Input voltage : 220V AC
Output voltage : 400V
Switching frequency : 80 kHz (CCM mode)
External gate resistance : 5.0Ω


Evaluation condition

Evaluation board : AC/DC power supply for PFC-circuit stage. (1.6 kW MAX.)
Output voltage: 12V DC
Switching frequency : 66kHz
External gate resistance : 10Ω


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Low RDS(ON) x Qgd secures high efficiency switching power supply.

・Data center (Server Power Supplies, etc.)
・Photovoltaic power conditioner
・Uninterruptible power supply


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