What is a Compound Semiconductor?

Apart from silicon, there are compound semiconductors that combine Group III and V elements and Group II and VI elements. For example, GaAs, InP, InGaAlP, etc. have been conventionally used for high-frequency devices and optical devices.
In recent years, InGaN has been attracting attention as a material for blue LEDs and laser diodes, and SiC and GaN as materials for power semiconductors have been noted and commercialized.

Typical compound semiconductors
Group II-VI: ZnSe
Group III-V: GaAs, GaN, InP, InGaAlP, InGaN
Group IV-IV: SiC, SiGe

Example of  GaAs

Chapter I : Basis of Semiconductors

What is a Semiconductor?
Semiconductor Materials
n-type Semiconductor
p-type Semiconductor
What is a pn Junction?
Types of Semiconductor Devices

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