One-gate logic (L-MOS) 7UL series (7ULxG) with 0.9V operation guarantee

Small battery-powered portable devices are increasingly demanding logic with high-speed, low-voltage operation guarantees. Toshiba's L-MOS lineup offers a 0.9V operation guarantee plus an input tolerant function and a power-down protection function.

For a input tolerant function and a power-down protection function, see the following FAQ entry.
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Features of 7UL series




Opr. Supply Voltage



 Input Voltage (VIH)



Input Tolerant

Output Power-down

High speed tpd



Output Current




7ULxG series: Low Voltage operation

  • Guarantee 0.9V(min) operation
  • 3.6V Input tolerant (available as level shifter)

7ULxT series: Level Shifter

  • available Level-up voltage conversion by lowering VIH.
  • Contribute to the number of parts reduction  with one device 
Application Example : 7UL1T08FU(AND)
Application Example: 7UL1G32FU(OR)

Toshiba's 7ULxG L-MOS lineup is guaranteed to work at 0.9V, making it the ideal device for battery-powered portable devices. It also has a 3.6V input tolerance, so it can be used as a level-down logic IC in between different power systems.
In addition, the 7ULxT series lowers the input threshold voltage to 1.2V@3.3V, so it can also be used as a level-up logic IC.

One-Gate Logic ICs (L-MOS): 7UL series

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