Overcurrent protection function (VCE(sat) detection) and built-in active Miller clamp function


We have introduced a smart-gate driver coupler (the TLP5222, TLP5212, TLP5214A and TLP5214) with built-in VCE(sat) detecting and Miller clamping functions to protect the IGBT from being damaged by overcurrent. The VCE(sat) detecting function monitors the VCE(sat) voltage of the IGBT and soft-turns off the photocoupler output when an overcurrent occurs. At the same time, FAULT signal is sent to the controller. The Miller clamping function suppresses gate potential rise and IGBT malfunction by bypassing the Miller current generated when the IGBT is turned off to ground via the inside of the photocoupler. The TLP5222, TLP5212, TLP5214A and TLP5214 also integrate a number of other functions, including full-swing-voltage outputs and UVLO functions. Reducing the number of external components that have supported these functions has been effective in reducing costs and reducing the size of PCBs.

The collector voltage is monitored by the DESAT pin, and the VCE(sat) rises when an overcurrent occurs in the power device. When the TLP5222, TLP5212, TLP5214A and TLP5214 DESAT pin voltage exceeds 6.5 V, the VOUT goes to low softly (soft turn-off) and simultaneously FAULT signal is sent to the controller.

Smart Gate Driver Photocouplers

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