Application Scope Switching Voltage Regulators
Polarity N-ch
Generation π-MOSⅧ
Internal Connection Single
RoHS Compatible Product(s) (#) Available

Package Information

Toshiba Package Name TO-220SIS
Package Image TO-220SIS
Pins 3
Mounting Through Hole
Package Dimensions View
CAD data
(Symbol, Footprint and 3D model)
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Absolute Maximum Ratings

Characteristics Symbol Rating Unit
Drain-Source voltage VDSS 800 V
Gate-Source voltage VGSS +/-30 V
Drain current ID 6.0 A
Power Dissipation PD 45 W

Electrical Characteristics

Characteristics Symbol Condition Value Unit
Gate threshold voltage (Max) Vth - 4.0 V
Drain-Source on-resistance (Max) RDS(ON) |VGS|=10V 1.7 Ω
Input capacitance (Typ.) Ciss - 1350 pF
Total gate charge (Typ.) Qg VGS=10V 32 nC
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Orderable part number

Orderable part number
MOQ(pcs) Reliability
TK6A80E,S4X 50 Yes


Air Conditioner
Such as efficiency of motor driving, low power consumption and miniaturization are important in designing air conditioner. Toshiba provides information on a wide range of semiconductor products suitable for power sullpy units, motor driving units, control units, sensor signal input units, etc., along with circuit configuration examples.

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