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DSOP Advance, a Thermally Enhanced Double Side Cooling Package

1. The DSOP Advance package efficiently dissipates heat from the metal plates on the top and bottom surfaces.

The DSOP Advance package provides a higher current capacity than the conventional package with the same size and therefore helps save PCB space and reduce the system size.

  • Thermal paths in DSOP Advance

Thermal paths in DSOP Advance

  • Effect of Double Side Cooling (temperature comparison)

Effect of double-sided cooling (temperature comparison)

  • Simulation conditions

    • PCB: 50*50 mm
    • Covered with copper (Cu) on one side
    • Cu thickness: 70 μm
    • Power dissipation (PD): 8 W
    • Thermal fins
      Dimensions: 31*31*20 mm
      Material: Al

    Thermal Fin

2.The DSOP Advance package is footprint-compatible with the SOP Advance package.

MOSFETs in the DSOP Advance package serve as easy replacements for those in the SOP Advance package without the need for modifying the PCB layout.

DSOP Advance

DSOP Advance

SOP Advance

SOP Advance

3.The DSOP Advance package has lower resistance.

Due to lower package resistance, the on-resistance,RDS(ON), of DSOP Advance is 0.05 mΩ lower than that of SOP Advance when a chip of the same size is housed.

Part Number Package



Typ. Max
TPWR8503NL DSOP Advance 30 0.72 0.85 5300 130 2700
TPHR9003NL SOP Advance 30 0.77 0.90 5300 130 2700

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Considerations for Using DSOP Advance

  • When the top and bottom sides of the DSOP Advance package are firmly fixed, extreme stress due to heating and other factors might cause permanent damage to the package. When you need to attach a stiff object such as a heatsink on the top side, place a cushioning material such as an insulation sheet or thermal conduction gel between the package and the object.
  • The device, when unmounted, withstands a static load of 20 N or more. However, when mounted on a PCB, the device might be damaged if the PCB is curved by the fastening of a heatsink. Adjust the tightening of a heatsink so that the PCB will not be curved.
  • Electricity must not be applied to the top electrode of the DSOP Advance package although it is internally connected to the source. Use the top electrode only for heat removal purposes.
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