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Isolation Amplifier

Toshiba’s isolation amplifiers provide optically coupled isolation between input and output, and incorporate a high-precision sigma-delta AD converter on the input side.These isolation amplifiers are primarily suitable for current and voltage sensing applications.

They provide stable operation even for noisy motor control applications because of their highest-class linearity in the industry and outstanding common-mode transient immunity (CMTI). 

List of Isolation Amplifier

Creepage Distance 8mm 7 or 8mm
Output Configuration SO8L
Analog output type

TLP7820 TLP7920
Digital output type
TLP7830 TLP7930

Features of Toshiba's Isolation Amplifier

  • Featuring industry leading highly accurate linearity with ΔΣ type AD converter circuit
  • Input side power consumption reduction
  • Low-profile SO8L package

1.Featuring industry leading highly accurate linearity with ΔΣ type AD converter circuit

Recently, FA equipment such as servo amplifiers and AC drives is required to operate more accurately: required to provide accurate feedback to microcomputers by monitoring motor phase current or bus voltage fluctuation. In order to satisfy such requirements, the optical isolation amplifiers are equipped with ΔΣ type AD converter circuit in their input side, featuring industry leading highly accurate linearity: 0.02 %(typ.) for analog output products and 4 LSB (typ.) for digital output products.

2.Input side power consumption reduction

Fig.1 shows comparison on the input side current consumption dependency of input voltage.

The TLP7820/7930/7830/7930 implement Toshiba original digital modulator/demodulator and it suppresses the IDD1 fluctuation. Thus, the maximum operation current can be reduced and it contributes your low-power circuit design.

1次側回路電流の入力電圧依存性 TLP7820 vs 他社相当品

Fig.1  Input voltage dependency at input side supply current -TLP7820 vs. competitor item-

3.Low-profile SO8L package

Fig.2 shows package comparison between TLP7820/7830 and competitor item.

The TLP7820/7830 adopt a low profile (height: 2.3mm max) package which is thinner than competitor item. This is suitable for compact size applications.

パッケージ側面図 TLP7820 vs 他社相当品

Fig.2 Package side view  -TLP7820 vs. competitor item-

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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.