MOSFET 4 Leads Package TO-247-4L(TK25Z60X) Application Circuit

This reference design provides example circuit for maximize switching performance and efficiency using 4 lead MOSFET package (TO-247-4L) which reduces package inductance.

Device and prastic inductance of PCB trace of MOSFET 4 leads package TO-247-4L(TK25Z60X) application circuit.
Simulation circuit of MOSFET 4 leads package TO-247-4L(TK25Z60X) application circuit.


  • Introduction of features of the TO-247-4L package, a 4 leads structure, which has a source terminal for gate drive circuit additionally compared with the conventional 3 leads pacckage.
  • Describing the 4 leads package feature that achievs less oscillation of gate signal and lower switching loss than the 3 leads because the 4 leads package is not affected by parasitic inductance of source wiring

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Used Toshiba Items

Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
Power MOSFET (N-ch 500V<VDSS≤700V) N-ch MOSFET, 600 V, 0.125 Ω@10V, TO-247-4L, DTMOSⅣ-H

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