A Range of Motor Control Devices for Every Application

Incredibly, one of our DC motor control devices has been in production for more than 40 years, coming to market on the wave of the emerging home video market and VHS recorders. Since then, motor technology and the semiconductors used to control them has changed significantly. A push for higher efficiency coupled with deeply integrated system-on-chip (SoC) solutions means that brushless DC motors (BLDC) can deliver more performance in a smaller package. This has enabled applications such as drones, and forms the basis of maintenance-free fan technology. Stepper motors too provide precision control and are the control choice for the growing 3D printer industry.

Our recent webinar looks at the wide range of motor options on the market and highlights how Toshiba’s portfolio of motor control technology has been tuned and adapted to meet the diverse collection of demands and requirements that have evolved over recent decades. For example, Intelligent Phase Control ensures optimal, energy-efficient commutation for BLDC applications, while Automatic Gain Control (AGC) optimizes torque while minimizing power consumption in stepper motor applications. For traditional DC motors, compact H-bridges utilize the latest BiCD process technology to implement low RDS(on) switches, delivering up to 3.5 A and handling up to 50 V.

To discover more about the exciting world of motors and their control, take a look at our webinar available below.

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