Toshiba’s technological experience with Microcontrollers has led to an exceptional lineup of both general purpose and application specific families of MCUs. These families include products with features including motor control and connectivity, high-quality memory, precision and low power mixed-signal components and rich peripheral options in a wide range of packages. Our MCUs are suitable for applications such as home appliances, healthcare equipment, heating and cooling systems and industrial equipment. To reduce development costs and shorten the development period, software and board designs can be shared among Toshiba MCU families with a support system that is available to facilitate customer product and application development.


Motor Control

  • TXZ+™  Family Advanced Class : TXZ+™4A Series M4K/M4M Group
  • TX Family : TX04 Series  M470 Group
  • TX Family : TX03 Series  M370 Group

Communication & Data Processing

  • TXZ+™ Family Advanced Class : TXZ+™4A Series M4G/M4N Group
  • TX Family : TX04 Series  M460 Group
  • TX Family : TX03 Series  M360 Group

General Purpose

  • TXZ+™ Family Advanced Class : TXZ+™3A Series M3H Group
  • TX Family : TX03 Series  M330/M380 Group
  • TX Family : TX00 Series  M030/M060 Group
  • TLCS™ Family:TLCS™-870/C1, TLCS™-870/C1E Series


  • TX Family : TX04 Series  M440 Group
  • TX Family : TX03 Series  M340 Group

TXZ+™ Family Advanced Class

Arm® Cortex®-M 32-bit 120-200MHz MCUs that are designed specifically for connectivity with rich interfaces or brushless motors controls for multiple motors in FOC. These MCUs offer a wide range of memory 128K-2MB Flash, 24K-258KB RAM, many ADC and peripheral options. These MCUs also offer low power consumptions.


  • Based on Arm Cortex-M core, with integrated large capacity flash memory
  • Equipped with application focused peripherals such as motor controls and sensing
  • Supporting rich connectivity and a functional safety design (Flexible support for European home appliances standard: IEC60730)
  • 4th generation Advanced Vector Engine Plus motor controls and sensing for multiple brushless motors
  • Tools & Software
TXZ+™4A Series
Arm Cortex-M4 core with FPU based microcontrollers suitable for high efficiency signal processing applications

• M4K Group • M4M Group
• M4G Group • M4N Group
TXZ+™3A Series
Arm Cortex-M3 core based microcontrollers :
Flexible multi-application product line

• M3H Group

MCU Motor Studio

Easy-to-use, well-structured, and versatile Software Development Kit
Provides PC Tool and motor control firmware dedicated to the TXZ+™ Family Advanced Class microcontrollers

TX Family

Arm Cortex-M0, M3, and M4 32-bit 16-120MHz general purpose MCUs with range of options supporting a wide variety of applications


  • Maximum operating frequency: 120MHz
  • Motor control products feature CPU load reduction by vector engine
  • Lineup of small package sizes
  • Tools & Software
TX00 Series
Arm Cortex-M0 Core Based Microcontrollers Featuring a Low-Power Core and a Small Footprint

• M030 Group
• M060 Group
TX03 Series
Arm Cortex-M3 Core Based Microcontrollers Suitable for a Broad Range of Applications

• M310 Group • M330 Group
• M340 Group • M360 Group
• M370 Group • M380 Group
TX04 Series
Arm Cortex-M4 processor with FPU Core Based Microcontrollers Suitable for
High-Efficiency Signal Processing Applications

• M440 Group
• M460 Group
• M470 Group

TXZ+™ Family Entry Class

MCU optimized for low power consumption and system miniaturization


  • Maximum operating frequency: 40MHz
  • Integrated functionality supports system miniaturization

TLCS™ Family

Toshiba’s original TLCS™ core 8-bit MCU with standard peripherals suitable for controlling a wide variety of applications


  • Processing performance equivalent to a 16-bit MCU
  • Up to 128KB Flash memory
  • Tools & Software
TLCS™-870/C1 Series and TLCS™-870/C1E Series
Processing capabilities equivalent to 16-bit microcontrollers, with memory address space extendable up to 128 Kbytes. TLCS™-870/C1 Series delivers processing capabilities equivalent to 16-bit microcontrollers, along with a memory address space extendable up to 128 Kbytes. TLCS™-870/C1E Series, the addition to the TLCS™ Family, employs Flash memory with a new structure that enhances long-term performance.


Datasheets, Application Notes

Please obtain data sheets and application notes from the individual product pages.

Technical topics

Reference Design

DC 300 V Input BLDC Motor Sensorless Control Circuit using TPD4204F
DC 300 V Input BLDC Motor Sensorless Control Circuit using TPD4204F
This reference design provides design guide, data and other contents of DC 300 V Input BLDC Motor Sensorless Control Circuit using Intelligent Power Device. It achieves vector control with the MCU designed for Motor control.


Vector Engines
USB (Universal Serial Bus)
Remote Control Signal Processor (RMC)
PSC ( Programmable Servo / Sequence controller )
OFD (Oscillation Frequency Detector)
Multi Purpose Timer (MPT)
JTAG (Boundary Scan)
I2S (Inter-IC Sound)
High-Resolution PPG Outputs
EtherMAC (Ethernet Media Access Control)
CAN (Controller Area Network)

Tools & Software

Development Environment

Development environments are available for each program development phase from design to evaluation. In the Arm core microcomputer development environment, it is possible to select various development tools and vendors.  Please select the development tool and vender which matches your needs.

Evaluation Boards

When considering using our MCUs, you can easily begin software development by using a starter kit sold by a development environment vendor or an evaluation kit vendor.
Evaluation kits come in a variety of forms, from those that include an integrated development environment and emulator to those that implement the CMSIS-DAP compliant on-board emulator standard.
Additionally, high-performance solution packages with full peripheral functions are also available. For details, please select from partners listed in the category of "Board/Evaluation Kit" in the development environment of TX family / TXZ+™ family.
 Please refer to each product introduction page for the evaluation kit compatible with each product.

Sample Software / CMSIS Driver

After accepting the license agreement for the sample software program and clicking "Agree" at the bottom of the screen, select the family or series tab.
Download the sample software program for the relevant product.
Please download the application note (manual) of the sample software program from the document of the individual product screen.

Please obtain the data sheet and application note from the individual product page.

Partner Information

This page provides information on our business partners. You can select a development tool and a partner from a wide choice available for ARM Core-based microcontrollers. Select the right development tool and a partner for your needs.


Technical inquiry

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