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Linear Image Sensors

A linear image sensor is a solid-state device that converts an optical image into an analog signal in a line-by-line fashion. There are two types of linear image sensors with distinct circuit configurations: CMOS image sensors and CCD image sensors. Linear image sensors are suitable for applications such as copier scanning components, image scanners, barcode readers and bank note recognition systems in banking terminals.

Toshiba has long been an industry leader in the area of linear image sensors for scanning applications, delivering a multitude of products to major market segments. Toshiba will expand its portfolio of image sensors for sensing applications and is focused on the development of technologies and products applicable to a wide range of applications.

These are photos of packages housing linear image sensors.

These are photos of packages housing linear image sensors.


Linear Image Sensors for Barcode ReadersLinear Image Sensors for MFPs (A4 Read)Linear Image Sensors for MFPs (A4 Read)Linear Image Sensors for Copiers (A3 Read)

  • High speed: 100 µs/line at 600 dpi
  • High sensitivity: Time Delay Integration (TDI) sensor
  • Low noise and low EMI
  • Integration clearing circuit (electronic shutter) helps keep output voltage constant which may vary with the intensity of input lights.

Product Lineup

Product List

Linear Image Sensors Product Lineup
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Up to 1500 pix Up to 2500 pix Up to 3648 pix Up to 5400 pix Up to 7500 pix Up to 10680 pix Up to 42720 pix
Up to 140 MHz
Up to 120 MHz TCD2712DG
Up to 100 MHz TCD1706DG
Up to 70 MHz TCD2713DG
Up to 60 MHz TCD2564DG TCD2716DG
Up to 40 MHz TCD2566BFG
Up to 30 MHz TCD2715DG TCD2916BFG
Up to 20 MHz TCD1209DG TCD2915BFG
Up to 10 MHz TCD1103GFG TCD1256GAG


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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.