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Description TMPM3H group(2) products contained 256KB to 512KB of code Flash memory, and 32 KB of data Flash memory, and it developed the package of 64 pins to 144 pins.
This microcontroller can use for a home appliance, OA, housing equipment, AV equipment, motor control and industrial apparatus, etc.
RoHS Compatible Product(s) (#) Available
Dry Packed Products Available

Flash memory uses SuperFlash® technology licensed from Silicon Storage Technology (SST), Inc. SuperFlash® is a registered trademark of SST, Inc.

Package Information

Toshiba Package Name P-LQFP144-2020-0.50-002
Package Image P-LQFP144-2020-0.50-002
Pins 144
Mounting Surface Mount

 Please refer to the link destination to check the detailed size.


Property Value Unit
Group Name M3H -
Number of bits 32 bit
ROM size 512 Kbyte
ROM type Flash -
Data flash 32 Kbyte
RAM size 64 Kbyte
Internal data bus width 32 bit
Interrupt function 166 -
Number of External interrupt pins 32 pins
Number of IN ports 4 port
Number of OUT ports 1 port
Number of I/O ports 129 port
DMA controllers 64 ch
UART 6 ch
I2C 4 ch
TSPI 5 ch
Comparator 1 ch
3-phase PWM output 1 ch
A/D converters(12bit) 21 ch
D/A converters(8bit) 2 ch
32bit timer/counter(32bit mode) 8 ch
32bit timer/counter(16bit mode) 16 ch
RTC 1 ch
watchdog timer Available -
Power-on reset circuit Available -
Voltage detecting circuit Available -
Oscillation frequency detector Available -
Standby function IDLE / STOP1 / STOP2 -
On-chip debug function Available -
trace func Available -
CRC Calculation circuit Y -
RAM PARITY Available -
Clock output 1 ch
Remote_control receiving circuit 1 ch
incremental encoder input 1 ch
Internal High speed Oscillator(IHOSC) Available -
Storage temperature -55 to 125
Supply Voltage
Operation Frequency
Operating Temp
Minimum instruction
execution time (µsec)
2.7 to 5.5 1 to 80 -40 to 85 0.0125


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