IBIS Simulation Model

IBIS (Input/Output Buffer Information Specification) model files for signal analysis software of each company are published

Download by product

You can download by selecting the data download method.

You can download the model file of specific product directly from the parametric search results for each product category, which is useful if you want to download only the models for the products you need.

You can download model files in bulk by product category or type. This is useful when you want to compare and consider the results of different products in the same category.

Product Category Date File Size Download
CMOS Logic ICs (IBIS) June, 2024 6MB
One-Gate Logic ICs (IBIS) June, 2024 1.3MB
Bus Switches (IBIS) June, 2024 698KB
TXZ+™ family (IBIS) June, 2024 16MB

You can download all the model files published by Toshiba's semiconductor products for each tool at once. You can download all products at once, so you can work more efficiently.

Product Category
  • CMOS Logic ICs (IBIS)
  • One-Gate Logic ICs (IBIS)
  • Bus Switches (IBIS)
  • TXZ+™ family (IBIS)
Date 2024/06

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