eFuse ICs

當電流超過額定值時,傳統的保險絲會通過焦耳熱將內置的合金部件融合在一起,從而保護電路並防止設備損壞。然而,這些熔斷器具有諸如斷路電流不確定,熔斷時間慢以及由於單個過電流破壞而需要更換工作的缺點。與傳統的保險絲不同,eFuse IC(electronic fuse)具有高速電流中斷功能,因為當過大的電流流過時,內置的MOSFET會關閉。此外,它不會被單個過電流破壞,並且可以重複使用。其優點在於它可以結合各種保護功能,例如過壓保護。該產品還可以有效減少維護成本並縮短維修時間。


Operating input voltage VIN (Min) (V)
Operating input voltage VIN (Max) (V)
Operating Output Current IOUT (Max) (A)

All package dimensions are guaranteed in millimeters as mentioned on datasheet. Package dimension in inches is round to 2 significant digits converted with 1mm=0.0393701inch.

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All major protection functions are realized in one package.
Toshiba eFuse ICs incorporate various high-performance, high-precision protective functions that are not feasible with conventional fuses.
All major protection functions are realized in one package


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Surveillance Camera Solutions
Increasing demand of Functions and High resolution video
Smart Speaker Solution
Towards home network hub adding displays and cameras
Semiconductor Solutions for Servers
Contribute to Energy Saving and Stable Operation by Improving Power Supply Performance and Protective Functions
SSD Solution
Towards achievement compact size, high reliability and long life
Smartwatch Solution
To Realize More Features, Longer Operating Time and Smaller Size
Cordless Power Tool Solution
To Realize Compact, Light, Easy-to-Carry and Easy-to-Work with Long Time Operation


Solid State Drive
Wireless Charger
Cordless Power Tool
Washing Machine
Robot Cleaner
Wireless Earbuds
Cordless Cleaner
Action Camera
Electric Shaver
Surveillance Camera
Tablet Device
Smart Speaker
Smart Watch







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