TXZ+™3A Series

Arm® Cortex®-M3 core-based microcontrollers: Flexible multi-application product line-up

TXZ3 Series


  3-V applications, 5-V applications

M3H group

Programmable motor driver
Vector Engine(VE)  
12-bit AD converter
8-bit DA converter
Op amp  
Encoder Input Circuit
Oscillation frequency detector (OFD)
DMA controller
Serial peripheral Interface(TSPI)
Communication function (UART、I2C)
LCD Display Controller (DLCD)



Optimized for primary control of consumer equipment and industrial equipment, and motor control

  • Arm Cortex-M3 core, operating at up to 120MHz
    • Based on the industry de facto standard Arm Cortex-M core.
  • Wide range of memory and package lineup
    • 256 to 1024KB code flash and 32KB data flash with 100k write cycles endurance
    • The Products with built-in 1MB code flash allows instructions to be read from one area, while the updated code is programmed into the other area in parallel by two separate areas of 512KB.
    • 64 to 128KB SRAM with parity and 2KB backup RAM
    • Package line-up (64 to 144pin) 
  • Various built-in interfaces and motor control for motors, home appliances, and Industrial equipment.
    • Programmable motor driver for optionally controlling brushed or brushless motor and encoder interface.
    • Digital-to-analog converter
    • 12bit Analog-to-digital converter, selectable from two sample hold time for each analog input pin
    • Built-in digital LCD controller supports easy contrast adjustment, saves on the bill of materials, and eases PCB routing.
    • 2.7 to 5.5V voltage and -40 to 105˚C operating temperature suitable for a variety of general motor control and HMI applications, both for consumer and industrial equipment.
    • Self-diagnosis functions supporting functional safety certification according to various standards (IEC 60730 class B and others)
  • Built-in high-speed oscillator, equipped with oscillation accuracy +/-1% (operating temperature -40 to 105˚C)
    By improving the oscillation accuracy, the number of parts can be reduced by eliminating the need for an external oscillator.
  • Both code flash and data flash are rewritable up to 100,000 times
    By high level resilience to repeated data write and erase.


  • For the main control of consumer equipment (home appliances, toys, health care equipment etc.) and office equipment (multi-function printers, etc.)
  • For the motor control of consumer equipment, industrial equipment
  • For IoT of consumer equipment, industrial equipment, etc.
Features of M3H group

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Remote Control Signal Processor (RMC)
OFD (Oscillation Frequency Detector)







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