3-1. Classification of diodes

Diodes can be broadly categorized into pn junction diodes and metal-semiconductor junction diodes. Figure 3-1 shows the classification of diodes available from Toshiba.
The next subsection compares Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) with other types of diodes. Rectifier and switching diodes(*) are the most commonly used pn junction diodes. Fast recovery diodes (FRDs) are rectifier diodes that are doped with a heavy metal to provide a shorter reverse recovery time than typical rectifier diodes.

Figure 3-1 Toshiba’s classification of diodes
Figure 3-1 Toshiba’s classification of diodes

* Switching diodes are a type of pn junction diodes suitable for switching a small signal (up to 100 mA and 50 V). Most switching diodes are housed in a small surface-mount package.

Chapter3 Basics of Schottky Barrier Diodes

3-2. Comparison between SBDs and pn junction diodes
3-3. Applications of SBDs
3-4. Forward voltage
3-5. Reverse recovery time
3-6. Maximum rated reverse voltage (VR)
3-7. Leakage current

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