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Part Naming Conventions

Clicking on product's category allows you to see General-Purpose Logic ICs Part Naming Conventions.

  • CMOS Logic

    Example of CMOS Losic

    1. Toshiba CMOS family
      • TC: Standard CMOS logic
      • TC74HC, 74HC: High-speed CMOS logic
      • TC74AC: Advanced high-speed CMOS logic
      • TC74VHC, 74VHC: Very-high-speed CMOS logic
      • TC74LVX: Low-voltage CMOS logic
      • TC74LCX, 74LCX: Low-voltage CMOS logic
      • TC74VCX: Low-voltage CMOS logic
    2. Circuit configuration or performance class
      • No letter: Normal type
      • U: Unbuffered
      • T: TTL-level input
      • H: Bushold
      • R: Built-in output serial resistor
      • V: Schmitt-trigger inputs
      • 9: Schmitt-trigger inputs and two-sided pin assignment
      • Z , ZA : Hot plugging
    3. Product's function (Please refer to our data-book or catalogue for details)
    4. Revision code or standardized product
    5. Package type
      • P: DIP14/16/20
      • F: SOP14/16/20
      • FS: SSOP24
      • FT: TSSOP14/16/20/48/56
      • FK: US14/16/20
      • FTG: VQON16/20/24
      • D: SOIC14/16/20

  • One-Gate Logic (L-MOS)

    Example of One-Gate Logic (L-MOS)

    1. Toshiba CMOS family (group) name
      • TC4S / TC4W: Standard series
      • TC7S / TC7W: High-speed series
      • TC7SH / TC7WH / 7PH: VHS series
      • TC7SET: VHS series (TTL input level)
      • TC7SZ / TC7WZ: SHS series
      • TC7SA / TC7PA: AHS series
      • TC7WT: High-speed series (TTL input level)
      • TC7SG / TC7WG / TC7PG / 7UL1G / 7UL2G / 7UL3G: LVP series
      • 7UL1T / 7UL2T / 7UL3T: LVP series(Level shift type)

      * When "U" is attached to the last of a name, it shows that the product is of single buffer type.

    2. Product's function (Please refer to catalogue for details.)
    3. Improvement category of characteristics
    4. Package type
      • F: SSOP5-0.95 (SMV) / SOP8-1.27 (FM8)
      • FU: SSOP5-0.65A (USV) / SSOP6-0.65(US6) / SSOP8-0.65 (SM8)
      • FK: SSOP8-0.50A (US8)
      • FE: SON5-0.50 (ESV) / SON6-0.5(ES6)
      • FS: SON5-0.35 (fSV)
      • FC: CSON8-P-0.4 (CST8)

  • Level Shifter

    Example of Level Shifter

    1. TC stands for Toshiba CMOS
    2. Product family (group) name
      • 7MP: Low voltage / Low power logic IC (14/16/20/24pin)
      • 7WP: Low voltage / Low power logic IC (8pin)
      • 7SP: Low voltage / Low power logic IC (6pin)
    3. Serial number.
      • A serial number that starts with "N": it shows the product is of low-noise type.
      • A serial number that starts with "H": it shows the product has a Bus-hold.
      • Dual supply level shifter: 7MPx3245, 7MPx3125, 7WPx3125, 7SPx3125
    4. Improvement category of characteristics
    5. Package type.
      • TU: (UF6)
      • FC: CSON8P-0.4 (CST8)
      • FK: VSSOP (US)
      • FT: TSSOP
      • FTG: VQON

  • Bus Switches

    Example of Bus Switches

    1. TC stands for Toshiba CMOS.
    2. Package type
    3. Series name
      • Bxx:Bus Switches / Analog Switches for 5-V System
      • BLxxA:Bus Switches for 3.3-V System(Con:34pF)
      • S:Low Capacitance Bus Switches for 3.3-V System(Con:12pF)
      • BDxxA:5V→3.3V Level Shift Bus Switches
      • Pxx:Dual-Supply Analog Switches
      • PBxx:Dual-Supply Bus Switches
    4. Function number
    5. Series name
    6. Package type

    Table of packages
    No.2 No.6 Packages
    M FTG VQON16/20
    FK US14/16/20
    FT TSSOP14/16/20
    W CT CST8
    FK US8
    P TU UF6
    FC CST8
    FK US8
    S FU USV
    TU UF6



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