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technical information
●Application note
●Sample software for evaluation board
●Software programming manual

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Bluetooth® 無線技術IC

Three products are available for Bluetooth Ver5.0

TC35680FSG, TC35681FSG

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation started mass production of the TC35680FSG and the TC35681FSG, which are both consumer-grade Bluetooth Ver.5.0 devices. Additionally, an automotive-grade IC that supports wide-temperature-range operation and is AEC-Q100-compliant is under development.

Note: The AEC-Q100 test is in progress and is scheduled for completion in Q3 of 2019


Bluetooth® wireless communication ICLong Communications RangeWide Temperature Range Ultra Low PowerHealthcareBeacons & TagsAutomotive

Bluetooth® 經典/低功耗雙型和Bluetooth® 低功耗(LE)元件被廣泛應用於音訊、手機裝置、穿戴式和醫療保健設備。預期往後幾年,Bluetooth經典/低功耗雙型和Bluetooth®低功耗元件將實現越來越普遍的應用。

Future Directions and Progress to Date as a Bluetooth SIG Promoter

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Bluetooth® 標準及產品陣容

Bluetooth® low energy


Bluetooth® classic, classic / low energy dual


Bluetooth® 低功耗


Bluetooth® 經典 / 低功耗雙型


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Technical information Downloading site

【Content provided】
●Hardware application note
●Software application note
●Sample software for IAR EWARM
●Sample software for MDK-ARM

●Software reference manual



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