All major protection functions are realized in one package

All major protection functions are realized in one package

Toshiba's eFuse ICs incorporate a variety of high-performance, high-precision protective functions that are not possible with conventional fuses. Compared to the functions realized by using discrete passive components or a combination of multiple ICs, this unique benefit contributes to higher quality, lower cost by reducing the number of components, and miniaturization by reducing the mounting area. This product is also effective in reducing maintenance costs and recovery time required for repair because it can be used repeatedly.

Toshiba's eFuse ICs also offer high-speed short-circuit protection, high-precision overcurrent protection, high-precision overvoltage clamping, reverse current blocking function, slew-rate control, and thermal shutdown, all of which were not possible with conventional fuses. In addition, Toshiba eFuse ICs have gained the International Safety Standard (IEC 62368-1) certification for their contribution to simplification of robust design, and low-cost maintenance, including repair and maintenance.







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