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Simulation Model

You can use various simulation models by product category.



* LTspice ® is a trademark and simulation software of ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.).



Web Simulator 更多

  • The Toshiba Semiconductor Web Simulator allows you to simulate the MOSFET performance under various voltage and temperature conditions.
  • You can analyze the switching waveforms and the power supply efficiency of MOSFETs in AC/DC and DC/DC converter applications.
  • You can also simulate PFC, full-bridge, flyback and synchronous buck converters.
  • As well, you can simulate the behaviors of LDO regulators and load switch ICs.

Web simulator video
You can see the web simulator introduction video at the link destination.

Microcontroller Simulator 更多

  • The microcontroller simulator is a dynamic application note that demonstrates the standard built-in functions of Toshiba microcontrollers.
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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.