Combinational Logic: Inverters and Buffers

Operation of an inverter (Example: VHC04)
Operation of an inverter (Example: VHC04)

Example: 74VHC04

An inverter is a logic gate whose output (Y) is the inverse of its input (A).

Operation of a buffer (Example: VHC244)
Operation of a buffer (Example: VHC244)

Example: 74VHC244

A buffers increase the drive capability to increase the number of connectable signal lines, and perform waveform shaping.
A buffer does not perform logical operations.

Chapter3 Basic CMOS Logic ICs

Basic CMOS Logic ICs
Combinational Logic: Bidirectional Bus Buffers
Combinational Logic: Schmitt-Trigger Devices
Combinational Logic: Decoders
Combinational Logic: Multiplexers
Combinational Logic: Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexers
Combinational Logic: Analog Switches
Sequential Logic: Latches
Sequential Logic: Flip-Flops
Sequential Logic: Counters
Sequential Logic: Shift Registers


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