Motor Current and Rotor Rotation

Motor current and rotor rotation

Let's look at the stator's magnetic poles and the rotor movement with the 2-phase 4-pole motor as shown below when the current direction of the stator winding is repeatedly switched.

The rotor makes a step operation by switching the current direction in the winding of the stator, the magnetic poles of the rotor and the magnetic poles of each phase of the stator repelling and attracting.
Therefore, the stepping motor rotates when the above is performed continuously.

Chapter 3 Operating Principle of Stepping Motor

Operation Image
Step Operation
Step Angle
Magnetic Pole of the Stator
Excitation Mode
Excitation Mode: Full Step
Excitation Mode: Half Step
Excitation Mode: Micro Step
Summary of Excitation Modes
2-Phase 4-Pole Motor