Over 100kV/μs high Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI)

CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) are advancing in the manufacturing industry, therefore assured data communications are required even under noisy circumstances. Therefore, CMTI is an important factor as well as isolation voltage for standard digital isolators. Toshiba standard digital isolators utilize their own unique topology of magnetic coupling and shutout common-mode noise to provide a high CMTI. The higher this number, the better the noise immunity. The graph below shows Toshiba's noise immunity in comparison with four competitors.

Comparison data of CMTI (Note)

Comparison data of CMTI (Note)

VI : input voltage

VDD : power supply voltage

VCM : common mode voltage

Note : according to a survey by Toshiba (as of March 2022)

* : Common Mode Transient Immunity

Standard Digital Isolators

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