What is the impulse voltage tolerance of the standard digital isolator "DCL54x01"?

 Impulse Voltage Test Waveform
Impulse Voltage Test Waveform

For inverter systems used in industrial applications, indices related to insulation are defined in the International Standard IEC 61800-5-1 "Adjustable speed electrical power drive system – Safety requirements” [Note 1]. General-purpose inverters for industrial use are mainly with a system-voltage range of 200V to 600V. Considering a 600V system, the impulse voltage required when the overvoltage category is III [Note 2] is 6kV, but 8kV above one class is required to design reinforced isolation.

For the DCL54x01 series, we have applied for reinforced isolation against VDE V 0884-11 standard's maximum working isolation voltage VIORM=1.0kVrms [Note 3]. The impulse voltage required for this standard's reinforced isolation is 12.8kV [Note 4], and the product design incorporates resistance that meets this requirement. Therefore, it has sufficient impulse voltage tolerance for a range of general-purpose uses in industrial applications.

[Note 1] Please purchase a standard document and check the specifications.

[Note 2] Please refer to the application note Safety Standards for Photocouplers (773.7KB).

[Note 3] VDE approval of DCL541L01 ,DCL541H01 ,DCL542L01 and DCL542H01 is under progress as of March 2023.

[Note 4] Maximum working isolation voltage VIORM=1.0kVrms. The impulse voltage corresponding to overvoltage category III is 8kV. VDE V 0884-11 requires a safety factor of 1.6 times the impulse voltage for reinforced isolation. Therefore, 1.6×8kV=12.8kV is required.

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