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(*) This sample software operates on the evaluation board of TMPM3HQFDAFG. If a function other than that of the TMPM3HQFDA is to be checked, the CMSIS Core-related files (C startup file and I/O header file) must be changed properly. The BSP-related file is dedicated to the evaluation board (TMPM3HQFDAFG). If a function other than that of the TMPM3HQFDA is to be checked, the BSP-related file must be changed properly.

Function list

Function list for sample software.

Sample Software/Function Description
Analog/Digital converter ADC

1. The sample software displays the temperature, which is the ADC value measured by the thermistor and converted to temperature by the CPU, on the terminal emulator.
A program that will display the value , which is measured voltage from a potentiometer.

2. Example of displaying the result of the AD monitor function on the LED.

Clock/Mode control CG Switch to the Low Power Consumption Mode (IDLE/STOP1/STOP2) by the push SW port input as a trigger. Turn on and off the LED depending on the Operation Mode.
Digital/Analog converter DAC This is an example of DAC outputting data input from the terminal emulator.
LCD Display Control Circuit DLCD The output voltage of the potentiometer is converted by the ADC at regular intervals and displayed on the LCD in 8 digits.
DMA Controller DMAC The data input from the terminal emulator on PC is are echoed back. This sample software uses DMAC.
Digital Noise Filter DNF This sample software is that external interrupt by switch is detected via DNF.
Serial Bus Interface I2C/EI2C

1. This is an example of master / slave transmission / reception using two evaluation boards.
The data received by the slave is output to the terminal software according to the command input from the terminal software. (Master/slave)

2. This is an example of a multi-master that receives data from one slave device using two evaluation boards.(Multi Master)

3. Data is sent to and received from the slave device according to the command entered from the terminal emulator.(Single Master)

Flash control FLASH

1. Example of running a program in the internal RAM and performing delete and rewrite of the internal flash memory

2. Example of rewriting the data flash memory

3. Example of rewriting the user information area of code flash memory.

Voltage Detection Circuit LVD This sample software compares supply voltage and detection voltage.
Oscillation Frequency Detector OFD This sample software detects error of external high high-speed oscillator by compare comparing to with set frequency width.
I/O port PORT Key presses are determined by polling process to turn on (turn off) the LED.
RAM Parity RPAR Add RAM parity to the character string input using the write command from the terminal emulator. and save it in the RAM. Do a parity check on the data saved in RAM with the Read command and display them to the terminal emulator.
Remote control signal preprocessor RMC The remote controller code is displayed on the terminal emulator.
Real Time Clock RTC The RTC is operated. The clock data are output to the terminal emulator.
Clock Selective Watchdog Timer SIWDT Example in which an NMI interrupt occurs and an example in which the clear code is periodically written and an NMI interrupt does not occur.
32-bit Timer Event Counter T32A Example of timer interrupt that runs every 1 ms.
Output example of duty-variable PPG (programmable square wave).
Trimming Circuit TRM Sample software that is adjusts internal oscillator using reference clock or external low low-speed oscillator.
Serial Peripheral Interface TSPI

1. The sample software communicates using TSPI and outputs data to the terminal emulator.

2. Example of controlling the accelerometer on the evaluation board using TSPI function.

Asynchronous Serial Communication Circuit UART

1. Example of receiving the character string from a terminal emulator.

2. The data input from the terminal emulator is transmitted from the transmitting board to the receiving board using the half clock mode.


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