2nd Generation SiC MOSFETs/IGBT Switching Loss Comparison

Toshiba’s TW070J120B 1200V SiC MOSFETs features low ON-resistance, low input capacitance and low total gate charge enabling it to achieve high switching speeds and reduced power consumption. It’s target application is 400V AC input AC-DC converter for industrial equipment and bidirectional DC-DC converters (such as those of photovoltaic modules and UPS).
The TW070J120B has reduced the turn-off switching loss by about 80% and the switching time (fall time) by about 70% compared with the 1200V silicon insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) GT40QR21.
Furthermore, the new product also features low ON-voltage characteristics for a current lower than 20A[1].
Incorporating a SiC Schottky barrier diode (SBD) with low forward voltage reduces power loss. A high gate threshold voltage (4.2 to 5.8V) is useful to avoid unintended turn on or off situations.

[1] @ambient temperature 25 °C

Loss comparison of turn-off switching[2]
Loss comparison of turn-off switching[2]
Waveform comparison of turn-off switching<sup>[2]</sup>
Waveform comparison of turn-off switching[2]

[2] Test condition for GT40QR21: VCC=800 V, IC=10 A, RG=47 Ω, Ta=25 ℃, VGE=20 V/-5 V,
Inductive load: L=300 μH, A diode between source and drain of TW070J120B is used as free wheeling diode (Free Wheeling Diode:FWD) in parallel with the inductive load.
Test condition for TW070J120B: VDD=800 V, ID=10 A, RG=47 Ω, Ta=25 ℃, VGS=20 V/-5 V,
Inductive load: L=300 μH, A diode between source and drain of TW070J120B is used as FWD in parallel with the inductive load.

Conduction characteristics comparison
Conduction characteristics comparison

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