Logic Circuit: AND Circuit

AND circuit
AND circuit

The AND circuit is also called the logical conjunction circuit.
The AND logic can be thought of as a circuit that outputs an output signal when all input conditions are satisfied.

For example, when you want to turn on the light bulb, even if switch A is ON, the light bulb does not turn on if switch B is OFF.
On the contrary, even if switch B is ON, the light bulb still does not turn on if switch A is OFF.
So this means that the light bulb will only turn on when both switches A and B are ON.
As shown in the truth table, output Y is 1 only if 1 is input to both A and B.
The circuit diagram can be expressed by the MIL symbol (*) as shown in the right figure.

* A symbol used in the digital circuit diagram defined by the US military standard "MIL Standard".
MIL Standard (Military Standard): Military supplies procurement standard standardized by the US Department of Defense

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