Toshiba has a wide range of semiconductor products that are essential for the electrification of automobiles. Toshiba focuses mainly on automotive inverters, battery management systems, and motor drives for applications such as electric power steering, electric water pumps, and fans for electric air conditioning. In particular, our high voltage and low loss power devices make a significant contribution in achieving highly efficient electrification. Toshiba will continue to provide cutting-edge semiconductor technologies with future perspective.

Discrete Semiconductor

Automotive MOSFETs
Automotive Photocouplers
Automotive Photorelays (MOSFET Output)


Automotive TVS Diodes (ESD Protection Diodes)
Automotive Schottky Barrier Diodes
Automotive Rectifier Diodes
Automotive Switching Diodes
Automotive Zener Diodes


Automotive Bipolar Transistors
Toshiba’s extensive lineup ranges from ultra-small, surface-mounted, small-signal transistors to power transistors with medium-sized, surface-mount packages, including low-saturation and high-current types.
Automotive Bias Resistor Built-in Transistors (BRTs, Digital Transistors)
To meet diverse customer needs, Toshiba offers an extensive lineup of resistors available in small surface-mount packages.

Logic ICs

Automotive CMOS Logic ICs
Toshiba’s extensive lineup offers a wide range of functions and includes low-voltage-operation-type and high-speed-type standard logic products. We also offer industry standard packages from small US packages.
Automotive One-Gate Logic ICs (L-MOS)
To meet your needs, Toshiba offer products with various functions that are available in small surface-mount packages.

Analog Devices

Toshiba has a 0.13-μm BiCD process that can integrate analog circuitry with large logic and power (DMOS) devices on the same chip.The BiCD process helps reduce the size and power consumption of automotive systems. With the ever-increasing computerization of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), demand for electronic devices for motor and other applications is increasing.In addition to the 0.13-μm BiCD process, Toshiba offers analog devices with a wide range of current and voltage ratings as well as circuit technologies that are optimized for various applications.

This figure lists Application Areas for Toshiba's Analog Devices.
Automotive Brushless Motor Driver ICs
Automotive Brushed DC Motor Driver ICs
具有低Rds DMOS的H-bridge驅動器和支援大電流馬達驅動解決方案功能安全的預驅動器。
Automotive Stepping Motor Driver ICs
Automotive Driver ICs
Automotive System Power Supplies ICs
Along with the electronic devices of the vehicle is high performance for example EPS, it becomes necessary for power supply ICs to correspond to large currents outputs, multiple outputs, and functional safety. Toshiba provides automotive solutions with high reliability to satisfy the customers demand specification.
Automotive Audio Power Amplifier ICs
Automotive Network Communication
The platform configuration of automotive network communication has been changing because motor vehicles are rapidly becoming electrified and digitalized. Toshiba offers automotive network communication devices that meet the needs of the times.

Digital Devices

To built-in our latest digital processing technologies in a single chip, we can realize e.g. an image synthesis /processing from multi camera inputs or an interface format converter to be suitable for an LCD panel, and a gap filler of an information transactions between legacy peripheral devices and the latest SoC /network interface.

Digital Devices
Video Processors
Video Decoder ICs
Automotive Interface Bridge ICs

Wireless Devices

RF-ICs for in-vehicle communication are products that perform wireless communication in automobiles.
Our product lineup is used in electronic toll collection system (ETC), remote keyless entry (RKE) systems that remotely lock and unlock car doors, and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

This is the block diagram of the Remote Keyless Entry System.
In-vehicle wireless communication ICs
Toshiba offers products suitable for ETC and RKE.
Our lineup can be used not only for in-vehicle applications, but also for ETC roadside machines and IoT devices.


Toshiba focuses on contributing to the electrification of automobiles and leverage our cutting-edge semiconductor technology to provide a wide range of semiconductor products, including analog, connectivity, discrete, logic and power management.


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