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General information

Toshiba Photorelay

General information

Mechanical relay 


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Photorelays are a type of photocouplers consisting of an LED optically coupled with a MOSFET. Photorelays offer many advantages over mechanical relays such as long service life, low-current drive and fast response. Photorelays are widely used for contact switching in semiconductor test systems, security systems, etc. Toshiba offers low RON, low CoFF photorelays in ultra-small VSON/S-VSON packages for semiconductor test system applications, and general-purpose photorelays in various packages featuring high current and high off-state voltage.

History of Toshiba Photorelay Development

2016   Began use of super junction MOS
2016   Achieved ON current of 5A
2016   Released S-VSON4 PKG
2014   Released VSON4 PKG
2009   Achieved trigger LED current of 1mA
2007   Achieved CR product of 5pFΩ
2003   Achieved ON current of 2.5A
2000   Achieved ON current of 1A
2000   Achieved CR product of 10pFΩ
1999   Began use of UMOS
1997   Achieved CR product of 100pFΩ
1996   Launched SOP products
1989   Launched DIP products
1988   Began product consideration and use of 


In-house Production Click to enlarge
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*PDA: Photo Diode Array

The latest UMOS tech. Click to enlarge
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**Trench construction type MOSFET by Toshiba
**Super junction type MOSFET by Toshiba

The smallest S-VSON4 Click to enlarge
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Focus Market

High current (Capacity)
We’re expanding our lineup to cover the requirements of a wide variety of applications. (Max ION 5A, Max VOFF 600V)
Space saving (Lower CR) for ATE
We used our own unique packaging technology to create the smallest class* size photorelays.

*Investigated by Toshiba in Mar/18
**Automatic test equipment

High productivity
We introduced highly efficient production lines for general use photorelays, Low input current type (TLP176AM,TLP172GM) and high break down voltage(BVs)-5kVrms series item-TLP240/TLP241.

Introduction to Toshiba Photorelay


Application Notes



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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.